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About Me

From painting to exploring the world, I'm living a life filled with colorful strokes of adventure, words, and moves that dance to the rhythm of curiosity.
My life's a colorful canvas splashed with adventures! Before I even knew my ABCs, I was wielding a paintbrush like a tiny Picasso thanks to my artsy mom.

Writing mysteriously crept into my world, with most of my words staying close to my heart, except for one that found its way into the book 'Words with Coffee' in 2021.

My love for traveling was practically encoded in my genes, with my grandparents' wanderlust inspiring me since I could barely talk. Pink Barbie bag packed and ready, I was their little travel companion.
When it comes to movies, I'm an unabashed film fanatic with a penchant for rom-coms. I'm no pro dancer, but dancing's my happy pill. And when a curiosity sparks, I'm a research whiz, with Google as my trusty sidekick.
My life's a quirky, vibrant masterpiece, and I'm just getting started!

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